Sumosave is a large neighborhood supermarket which offers a relevant range of food & grocery and home needs products to its customers. Our stores carry daily use products in categories such as staples, packaged grocery, personal care, home care, beverages, dairy, fruits & vegetable, kitchen, and home needs. We aim to provide great value on these products while maintaining our commitment to quality.

Our team works hard to source products at most competitive prices and be most efficient in our business operations. This helps us sell products at the lowest possible cost.

Our Vision

To provide our customers with quality products at lowest possible prices.

Our Mission

We want our customers to be able to buy daily use products at low prices close to their home, always of high quality.

Our Values

Values which drive the culture of our organisation
Economic Efficiency
  • Being able to work at lowest possible cost while delivering our customer promise
  • Optimally using every available resource available to the organization while minimizing waste and inefficiency
  • Keeping our processes simple and easy to understand so that in implementing them we use scant resources
  • Heavy use of digital to be able to grow on lowest possible resources
Product Focus

  • Continuous work on products we sell to make them cheaper and better, constant state of positive dissatisfaction
  • Product Quality that can be trusted
  • Focus on what is required to meet “our” consumers’ needs and not be distracted with “trends”
Determination & Persistence
  • Positive will to succeed through sheer grit and determination
  • Not getting fazed if it’s not been done before, finding a way to do it
  • Missionary zeal to getting the job done, keep at it till it happens

  • Alignment on common goals - working on common purpose above everything else
  • Team achievement, rather than individual goals
  • I will go out of my way to pitch in, when required

  • Business belongs to us, we are the guardians of the shareholders money
  • I will take a decision in the best interests of the business, in a manner in which I would have if it belonged to me
  • Before asking anyone else to do something, I will be sure I would be willing to do it

Our Store Presence

We are currently present in Kolkata, IN & expanding rapidly all across the country

Our presence – Sumosave is currently present in following suburbs of Kolkata

Tangra    Ground Floor, Active Acres Business Park

Maheshtalla    Opp Batanagar Main Gate

Kanchrapara    Ghoshpara Road

Sodepur    PC Roy Road, Panchanantala

Mallickpur    L R Market

Serampore    146- GT Road (Coming Soon)