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Unabridged terms of supply

  1. Vendor to ensure not to include more than one PO in one invoice. If one invoice includes more than one PO, Co. shall be constrained to reject the invoice. However, vendor may raise more than one invoice against one PO but deliver in the same shipment.
  2. PO should be serviced before the PO expiry date.
  3. Paper copy of the PO & original invoice to be carried during delivery of goods.
  4. PO number & date should be mentioned on the face of the invoice.
  5. If the product attracts GST/VAT, vendor to provide a GST/VAT compliant invoice with GSTIN/VAT No.
  6. Vendor should ensure that invoice margin matches the margin shown in this purchase order (PO). Product will be rejected if cost, GST/VAT & margin do not match with this PO.
  7. Vendor to revert within 24 hrs. for any changes required in this PO.
  8. Materials should have barcodes which can be scanned.
  9. Balance shelf life at the time of GRN at DC should be minimum 75%.
  10. Vendor should ensure that the following information is captured in packing/barcode of the material supplied:
    • Name & complete address of the manufacturer/packers (for any imported product: Name & complete address of the importer)
    • Common or generic names of the commodity (in case of more than one product: Name & Number or Quantity of products)
    • Net Quantity for one product (for more than one product, No. of quantity)
    • Date of manufacture/packing/ import: MM/YYYY.
    • Maximum Retail Price (Inclusive of all taxes)
    • Customer care details: Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address to be mentioned.
  11. Material delivery will only be against prior agreed booking in the time slot provided by DC Manager.
  12. Vendor should make own arrangements for offloading at out DC site.
  13. Vendor will be handed over one signed copy of the Goods Received Note (GRN) based on actual quantity received at the time of delivery of goods to the DC. If material is supplied directly to our store, a signed copy of the Goods Received Note (GRN) will be handed over within 24 hours by the store.
  14. Vendor will be handed over one singed copy of the Non- returnable Gate Pass (NRGP)/Return GST invoice at the time of return of goods from the DC. If material is returned directly from our store, a signed copy of the NRGP/Return GST invoice will be handed over within 24 hours by the store.
  15. Vendor is requested to preserve the singed copy of the Goods Received Note. In case of any dispute relating to delivery of goods, the singed copy of the GRN will be accepted as the only proof of delivery by the Company.
  16. In case of any ambiguity or inconsistency in classification of products or articles and HSN code, then any demand as and when raised by GST Authorities shall be made good by the vendor.
  17. All dispute including non-receipt of Debit Note (D/N) shall be mailed to concerned category buyer through email.
  18. Any payment related issues/clarifications shall be mailed to email id:
  19. Arbitration: All disputes shall be referred to the arbitration solely appointed by the Company and the seat place & venue shall be at Kolkata.
  20. Jurisdiction: All disputes arising out of this PO shall be referred to Courts in Kolkata. Courts in Kolkata shall have exclusive jurisdiction.